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Becki! This was a really amazing application and I think we can all agree that you’re going to be an amazing Stefan and bring something to him that others haven’t been able to. And also, we all know you can be active which is a huge plus. Obviously, you are accepted.

Name: Becki
Age: 19
Time Zone: GMT
Activity Level (1-10): like 7
Desired Character: Stefan Salvatore
Why do you want this role (why should we choose you)?: I’ve always loved Stefan, besides Jeremy and Tyler he’s been my favourite character since the pilot of TVD and I’ve been wanting to play him at a RP for a long time but could never find anywhere that seemed to have him as I wanted. Plus we don’t really have the best luck when it comes to Stefan and I really hope I can change that, if I don’t I give you all permission to shoot me.
How did you find this RP?: I made it
Previous RP Account:
Roleplay Sample:

There was always something so seductive about blood, about the way in which it trailed over pale skin looking like shimmers of red silk caressing the skin below it. It always made Stefan want to drag his fingers through it let it soak into the calluses in his fingers just to feel something. All he had felt for over a hundred years was suffocation; suffocation under the black tar that had drowned and crushed his once bright soul. Stefan didn’t blame anyone anymore, not really – all he had to blame was he for not being strong enough to resist the blood that had spilled over his hands when his father had been torn from him and Damon. He blamed himself for being too weak to resist a pretty girl in a dress, who in turn ended up being much like the Devil in the way she poisoned his family and turned it into whatever the hell it was now.

When Damon had sworn vengeance on him all those years ago it hadn’t changed Stefan, he was still the bloodthirsty monster that had been born on that cold night when his father had ended his short life at only 17. It made him worse knowing his brother was leaving him, which was probably the last thing to happen to him before he broke completely. When Stefan had told Damon to feed he hadn’t had anything in his heart but love for his brother. Instead it made him push Stefan away, made him leave him forever and change how they would be towards one and other for eternity. If it hadn’t been for Lexi… Stefan wouldn’t have survived, that was why he loved her as much as he did, and she was the saviour that had attempted to send him on the right path even if it didn’t last very long. The blood was always too compelling to him, some men indulged in women, some in liquor and drugs, and some in gambling. But not Stefan, oh no none of those were enough for him – he always needed more than what he got. When he tore into warm bodies he didn’t do it to survive, he did it because that was his addiction, and he was addicted to seeing the skin being torn beneath his teeth. The rush he got from being a ripper was far greater than anything he could have got with anything else.

But with that always came the guilt.

Even today he felt guilty; even though he always teetered on each side of the humanity scale he still felt that ache in his chest when he held another body in his hands.  His hands shook as the panic started to set in, his fingers grappling at the side of her neck in an attempt to bring her back – even though he knew it was impossible. The sound of Klaus approaching, his footsteps echoing through the alley caused the slight tears he had in his eyes to dry, his hands to stop shaking as the body, Leanne was her name. It, she, hit the floor with a thud that echoed in his ears, even in the little light there was he could see the blood left in her system pooling on the cobbles beside his feet. A quiet chuckle sounded to his right and his eyes rolled slightly. Of course Klaus would think this was amusing to find Stefan with yet another dead body at his feet. “What’s so funny?” Stefan’s voice was gruff, his tongue darting out to lick at his lips as he moved away from the corpse heading towards the entrance of the alley. He could hear Klaus kicking it and he had fight off the raising nausea he felt at it. “You’re the one that has to get rid of it.” With that he plastered a fake grin across his face, turned around and shrugged at the original vampire, “You decided to bring me here, you clean up my mess. I’m starting to feel hungry already so I’ll go get myself some fast food.”  He flashed another grin at Klaus as he backed up slowly watching the other man’s face before rushing away.  What Stefan really needed was to talk to someone… anyone, about what was happening to him. But he couldn’t, at least not someone that cared about him. So back to the bar it was, confide in some blonde in a skirt then rip her throat out in the backstreets behind the bar.

Just another day in hell.

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