Riley Valentine • Human • 16 • Junior • (Alexandra Chando) • TAKEN by Jess

Riley’s used to people leaving. Her father is a big business man, travelling around the country often and rarely being at their home in Mystic Falls. Her older sister, Kayla, went to L.A. when she graduated. Her mother took off without much reason behind it and Riley’s assuming that her parents are going through a divorce. Since Kayla’s now the only one Riley has left, she’s learned to forgive her sister for abandoning her. The two girls are getting an apartment together so that Riley won’t be alone in their empty house. Riley’s trying to cope with her issues as best as she can - attending therapy and even debating trying drugs, getting them from Paige. She and Brayden have a strange relationship, they’ve kissed and admitted feelings of more than just friendship to each other. But as he’s in a on/off relationship with Leah nothing has ever happened, all she wants is to be happy.

Despite her home-life, Riley’s possibly one of the sweetest girls you could find. She hates having enemies and being on someone’s bad side, so she does her best to be friends with most people in town. In dangerous Mystic Falls, this attitude could get her in trouble. It makes her naive to the monsters lurking in the shadows, seeing as Riley is completely unaware of the supernatural. She has no idea that her sister’s boyfriend, Damon, fed from Riley in the past. Riley also went out with Jake once, finding him to be very interesting and wanting to know more about him. Oddly enough, she confides in Tristan about her love life, considering him to be someone that she can trust.

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