Anonymous → what happened to ffi??

Oops there was like 10 of these in the box. But yeah I’m going to make a post in a bit to say exactly what happened.

1 year ago

Anonymous → is the app count up to date?

Yes, it is!

1 year ago

Anonymous → Are you guys accepting auditions for Damon still?

Yes, we are.

1 year ago

lionessvalentine → Hey guys! I know I just came off a hiatus but my friends decided to end our senior year with a camping trip and it'll last five days, I think. I leave on Saturday and I'll most likely be on mobile, but I'm still not 100% sure on it c:

Okay thanks!

1 year ago


Daniel and Alex.

1 year ago

Anonymous → With the new mods, will you guys be possibly accepting soon? It's ok if not! Just nervous to see if I'm accepted!

It’s just new mod now, but keep checking back.

1 year ago

Activity Check.




1 year ago

Announcement #1

We’re excited to announce the addition of a new admin!

Chelsey will be re-joining us, so we would really appreciate it if you guys could welcome her back to the team.


As you know it’s been hard lately and for the most part people have been supporting us, which I’m really happy about.

So hopefully with the re-addition we will be able to start moving again quicker than we have been doing.

Thank you guys once again for your patience! We love you all.

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#admin note

Anonymous → Are you doing announcements today?

Soon I think! Sorry, Becki was going to post something and we do appreciate patience as life is not always predictable. Please remember that.

1 year ago

clawinghayley-deactivated201401 → Hey guys, sorry for the not-so-good activity. The weather here has been scorching and being on the laptop just makes me feel too sick and dizzy D: Anyway, I'm visiting the coast for a few days and won't be back until the 16th. That means I most likely won't get online until the 17th, but who knows, I may be able to get online sooner! Anyway, as soon as I'm back, activity will be great again, promise! C:

Thanks for keeping us updated!

1 year ago